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In today’s post truth world we believe honesty, transparency and integrity are more important than ever, especially in the context of fundraising, which is now under the microscope as never before. This is partly because a number of charities, in the effort to maximise income, forgot the importance of relationships. Not us. Since our foundation in 1959 we have put relationships and partnerships (ours with clients and clients with their donors) at the very centre of our approach. This is because we know that without mutual trust, confidence and shared endeavour there is a danger of fundraising becoming a soul-less transactional process, focused simply on maximising the short-term financial yield. Our way centres on creating and sustaining an atmosphere of goodwill and genuine enthusiasm within which fundraising can flourish – and then helping clients to harvest the benefit in the most effective and sustainable way.

Please read the Craigmyle Code of Practice which encapsulates our approach and principles.

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To have an informal conversation with a member of our team please call 01582 762441 or email first@craigmyle.org.uk. You may also like to see our CONSULTANTS page and make direct contact.

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Latest News

Legacy donors plant their own celebratory roses at Beaulieu Convent School, Jersey

14 July 2017

Following the conclusion of Beaulieu Convent School Foundation’s first capital appeal, which has already delivered highly valued improvements to the School’s campus, a legacy programme has recently been inaugurated. Future legators who declare their provision for the School in their wills automatically become members of the Sine Macula Society and among other forms of acknowledgement […]